Warwickshire Garage & Transport Group Training Association Limited (WGTA) was established in 1969 and currently aims to provide a comprehensive training management service to member companies, specialising in the recruitment and development of young people through work based learning, leading to the latest nationally recognised qualifications in Automotive Service & Repair.
Based in Leamington Spa, we provide over 30 companies within Coventry & Warwickshire with specialist training advice and management.  All learners are employed by member companies and the off the job training is delivered at our Centre in Leamington Spa.  WGTA is an Equal Opportunities Employer and carries the Matrix (Information, Advice & Guidance) standards.

Our Mission Statement 
The principal activities of the Association are the provision of industrial training, education and supervision of persons employed or to be employed in the Road Transport activities.  The Association also provides information, advice and guidance to those employees and their employers relating to the education, training and general welfare of the learners and promoting co-operation between Government bodies and employers.

Our Vision
WGTA has produced many excellent fully trained employees over the years, this is backed up by some of those learners now owning and running businesses and using WGTA for the training of their learners.  Our vision is to continue in this vein to produce highly qualified people to meet the skills and knowledge demanded locally and nationally by the Industry.