Remote Learning

In the light of the Corona Virus/Covid 19 crisis, Warwickshire Garage & Transport Group Training Association Limited (WGTA) continued to be open for business.  We continued to deliver off the job training on a remote learning basis and for any critical on the job training requirements, we visited the workplace if the employer and learner were happy with this arrangement and all Covid-19 secure measures were in place, when the need arose. We also continued to work with any furloughed learners.

“Remote learning” refers to any learning which takes place when face to face contact is not available in the workplace or training centre.

Remote learning will take place when:

Due to any Covid 19 related reasons , or if a learner needs to self-isolate

The workplace or training centre is asked to close or restrict attendance as part of any local or national lockdowns as instructed by Government

As part of our remote learning offer to all learners we will provide the following:

Continued setting of work for all qualifications being undertaken to include Zoom meetings, written assignments and any automotive repair research and videos.

The tutor, assessor and training director will contact all learners on a regular basis to discuss progress and any support required via telephone and email.  Additional support will be provided for those who need it.

Planned on-line learning will take place via timetabled sessions and if necessary, flexible sessions will be provided to meet individual learner needs.

Alternative assessment arrangements will be made available in line with Awarding Body and End Point Assessment Organisation guidance.

We expect that learners will continue to maintain contact with their tutor, assessor and training director and where possible attend scheduled sessions.  We expect learners to complete all work set by reasonable deadlines.

Any learner who is unable to complete this remote learning due to lack of IT resources, should contact their tutor, assessor or training director to discuss alternative arrangements where possible.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: RAJ ON 07809707656, RAY ON 07749492932, OR WGTA OFFICE 01926 428490.  Email