Information, Advice and Guidance
Warwickshire GTA has a dedicated advice & guidance service, to ensure that all individuals are provided with current, relevant and appropriate information that will enable them to effectively progress their learning and career pathways. Whether someone is a school or college leaver looking for their first job or someone wanting a change in direction, it is very important that the information, advice & guidance supports the individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals.

  • Support into apprenticeships and employment
  • Career development through workplace learning and progression
  • Advice on courses, training and qualifications
  • Routes to higher education
  • Support with C.V. and interview techniques
  • Job search and labour market information
  • Access to professional advisors and resources
  • Clear progression pathways

Warwickshire GTA have a dedicated team on hand to provide clear, accurate and impartial advice & guidance across the Motor Vehicle Repair sector plus signposting to other careers or roles if required.

As a long established training provider, we have the knowledge and experience of what an employer is looking for. Where your needs will be best served elsewhere, we have a wide network of partners and support agencies which we can refer to you.

We offer one-to-one advice which can identify existing skills and experience, leading to recommendations for personal and career development including formal qualifications. We will review your current skills and ensure anything that we recommend builds upon existing skills and knowledge.

To access our Information, advice and guidance service, please telephone 01926 428490 or email