Our recruitment year usually commences March/April, applicants are selection tested and interviewed by us and then sent out for company interview.
If an applicant is successful they are employed by the member company.  The training programmes commence in September.   Ideally you should have or be working towards a GCSE Grade 4 and above in English and Maths (or equivalent).
Once you are employed with one of our member companies, our training staff will be on hand to ensure you receive the most suitable training in order to achieve the objectives of your training plan.  In a garage you will be working in a service industry where you are often brought into contact with customers, so a friendly and helpful personality will be a valuable asset.
In a garage or in transport,  the work is varied and satisfying and when you are assisting at roadside breakdowns or collecting and road testing vehicles, you will be out and about as well.

All our Apprenticeships are Level 3 with 36 months on the programme, however some learners could complete earlier, but an individual needs to be on the course for at least a year and a day before they are able to go to Gateway and get ready for the End Point Assessment (EPA).


Apprentices will have an e-log book which they complete over the 3 year programme at work and during their day release, in conjunction with their Workplace Mentor and WGTA Assessor and Tutor.

All knowledge is delivered during day release and our Apprenticeships will include the Diploma, which we use to map over to the New Standards.  This also gives you another accredited qualification in your Apprenticeship.


Observations are carried out in the Learner’s place of work and will be dependent on what units are chosen to be observed,  same as with the Professional Discussions.


Learners may be exempt from these if they hold and can provide evidence of equivalent qualifications, like GCSE’s.  For the Level 3 Apprenticeships, learners must achieve Level 2 Functional Skills in Maths and English before they reach the End Point Assessment (EPA).  The teaching of the functional skills will be delivered at our Centre in Leamington Spa.


The EPA is a series of assessments undertaken by an Apprentice which tests their ability to carry out the job they have been training for.  The EPA will only take place once the learner has completed all on-programme learning and readiness is agreed by the Employer, Training Provider and Apprentice.

The EPA is delivered externally, so our trainers make sure you are ready and as confident as possible.