The Apprentice Body Repair Technician’s craft involves repairing all kinds of damage to vehicle bodywork and trim, from minor bumps and water leaks to a complete crash rebuild. The role of the body repair technician is to work to the highest possible standards, either working independently or as part of a team.

You will learn how to correctly identify different body panel types and materials and be able to use the correct repair tools and techniques.  During your training you will learn how to repair or replace structural and non-structural body panels, carry out thermal and non-thermal joining methods to include TIG, MIG, MAG, resistance spot welding, use bonding and riveting techniques.  You will also learn how to rectify vehicle body misalignment using specialist vehicle alignment jigs.  To the Body Repair Technician, no two jobs are ever the same and a skilled person will normally have to deal with every vehicle make and type.