In the road haulage transport world, it is the Heavy Vehicle Technician whose skill keeps fleets of commercial vehicles moving safely and efficiently and these in turn keep our factories and shops supplied.  These vehicles come with a variety of body types: rigid flat backs, tractor units, tankers, container carriers, refrigerated goods carriers and tippers.  You should understand that as an Apprentice HGV Technician your first few months may be spent in very general work.  The lives and safety of many people rest fair and square in your hands and we must be sure not only of your skill, but also your sense of responsibility.

During your training you will learn about Engines, Electrics, Transmission and Chassis.  You will also learn how to Inspect vehicles to comply with legal requirements.  Heavy Vehicle Technicians may work in a dealership that will focus on a specific brand(s) or for an independent garage that maintains and repairs all makes of heavy vehicles.